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Do you need a volunteer witness for your absentee ballot? 


After receiving the below letter, we reached out to Tikkun Ha-Ir Milwaukee and they say they are ready to send a volunteer to witness a signature on an absentee ballot, from outside a home with social distancing and mask wearing. We have connected Marc Mayerhoff, the letter writer, with that organization. Contact Sam Stein Avner of Tikkun Ha-Ir Milwaukee at 414-501-3618 or when you have your ballot and are ready for a volunteer witness. 

To the Editor: 

I was pleased to see the article about ensuring our votes count (this refers to an earlier, online version of “Nervous about postal delays? on page 4). 
Unfortunately, just as in other articles on this subject, there is something important missing. We’re told how to obtain absentee ballots and how to return them but we are told nothing about how to have the signature witnessed. 
I am considered high risk for COVID19 and live alone, so an absentee ballot is problematic. In April, I had no idea how to safely be with someone to witness my signature and ultimately did not vote. 
I do all I can to stay home and to wear a mask when I must run an errand. Suggestions as to how to safely get a ballot witnessed would be critical to those of us who live alone. 
That information could make voting a real possibility for many of your readers. 
Marc Mayerhoff