11-year-old Matan bakes to help The Hunger Task Force | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

11-year-old Matan bakes to help The Hunger Task Force 


Eleven-year-old Matan Steigmann is spending his summer addressing food insecurity through homemade desserts.  

In early July, Matan started his charity project Baked for Goods, where he is the self-appointed CEO and head chef. He bakes cookies and more, then sells the goods and donates all profits to The Hunger Task Force, with $275 already donated.  

Throughout his life, Matan has supported The Hunger Task Force in its mission to address food insecurity, He has donated portions of his birthday money for eight years. “In this world, there are a lot of people who are struggling to pay their rent, there are people who live on the streets and there are people who cannot even supply food for themselves,” he said.  

Matan’s passion for helping others extends beyond The Hunger Task Force. Before COVID-19 restricted in-person gatherings, Matan would help serve food at the St. Ben’s Community Meal site, 930 W. State St., Milwaukee. He’s developed friendships with clients, and even has a running joke with one client where they tell each other knock-knock jokes.  

With Baked for Goods, Matan hopes to do even more, recognizing he may not be able to end world hunger, but wanting “to do my part as a human being and make this world a better place.” 

In addition to donating the Baked for Goods profits, Matan has served his cookies and cakes to hospital employees and frontline workers. Matan’s mother, Rabbi Hannah Wallick, is “very proud of him for working towards the good during this especially challenging time.” Matan’s father is Rabbi Moishe Steigmann 

Matan said his motivations closely align with the core values of his school, Milwaukee Jewish Day School: “tikkun olam, empathy, wonder, and me to we.” The last value, me to we, resonates the most with Matan, as he “wants to help a lot of people.”  

One supportive customer, Jenya Iuzzini-Seigel, is “so impressed that this young pre-teen is executing an idea that is so much bigger than himself. To hear Matan talk about how he could be part of the solution is so inspiring.” 

Currently, Matan sells vanilla or chocolate cakes and cupcakes, as well as chocolate chip cookies. He hopes to experiment with different flavors, such as mint chocolate chip, jalapeño, or rainbow-colored. He also has plans to expand his business locally, and is investigating packaging and shipping options for a wider distribution.  

Information on prices and how to order can be found through the Facebook page, Baked for Goods. To place an order or ask any questions, contact bakedforgoods50@gmail.com.