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At Kenco Label & Tag, the story is also Jewish

The story about Kenco Label & Tag in the secular media is real. The company developed a face shield that the user can stick onto other items protecting the head and face.

Kenco came up with this after speaking with a local neurosurgeon about the discomfort of wearing a face shield stuck to an elastic band around the head. That’s the usual model, and it’s abrasive and causes headaches. Imagine doctors wearing that head strap for 10, 12, even 14 hours in a day.

Face shield developed by Kenco Label & Tag

But beyond the idea and its rapid launch into production in recent weeks, and beyond the 200,000 daily stick-on face shields that Kenco is shipping everywhere, there’s also a Jewish story here. Aaron Karan of the family-owned Kenco is Jewishly driven.

Karan has been on the boards of several local Jewish agencies and is on the finance committee of Milwaukee Jewish Federation. He was part of the Federation’s George Weinstein Fellowship leadership development program. And he’s been a major donor of the Federation Annual Campaign, having increased his gift for the coronavirus era.

“Every time I’ve given to charity, I’ve always found it comes back,” he said. “I know this is a time to do good, as much as you can.”

Karan grew up in an Orthodox home and considers himself observant. He knows everyone is equal in the eyes of God, he said. He is “very thankful for my Jewish values.”

He said he has sought to “Help they neighbor.” Part of his motivation to innovate was to keep employees employed.

For a month straight he bought meals every day for his employees, who number more than 50. He had the food brought in, at no cost to workers.

The company does not sell to individuals, except on Amazon. Still, Kenco has been contacted by individuals and has responded with donations of face shields repeatedly.

It has added up to thousands of face shields, shipped out free of charge.

More about Kenco Label & Tag

— Advanced label and tag manufacturer Specializing in specialty labels, security technology and smart label products.
— Industry leader in print-on-demand label technology.
— In business for 39 years.
— Sells its products in every ZIP code in America and many countries worldwide.
— 200,000 face shields per day. Can produce up to 1 million units per day.
Courtesy of Kenco