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Thinking about God and humanity

The global pandemic has local rabbis sharing thoughts of God and the human condition.

“I believe our faith in God will help us through these difficult times,” said Rabbi Marc Berkson of Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun. “We’re forced to recognize our own humanity. For all that we think we have control over, we really don’t.”

Berkson added: “It’s what God wants us to do.”

Rabbi Wes Kalmar of Anshe Sfard Kehillat Torah congregation thinks about the possible lessons we could learn from the pandemic.

“Ultimately we don’t know. As people of faith we believe God has a reason for things,” he said. “What we do know is that for whatever reason, as people of faith, God wants us to be in this situation right now.”

We’re doing God’s will, Kalmar said. God’s will right now is that we stay home, he said.

“We need to embrace it fully and take it on in the best way that we can,” Kalmar said.

The rabbi’s wife, Dr. Jessica Kalmar, sent out a message that we should be kind to ourselves and give others a break, too.

Berkson said: “We need to come together and help each other. And that’s where I believe you find home and faith and community.”

Berkson talked about those who don’t have resources, who don’t have enough food, who are in domestic abuse situations.

He said he hopes the pandemic will force us to confront some things about who we are as a society.

“We take care of everyone, and we all do our part,” said Rabbi Michal Woll of Congregation Shir Hadash. “I think this is really a time for that.”