How will you vote in World Zionist Congress elections? | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

How will you vote in World Zionist Congress elections?

All American Jews over 18 are eligible to vote for representatives to the 38th World Zionist Congress.

This vote takes place every five years. Those elected from the U.S. will join delegates from around the world at the World Zionist Congress in October 2020 in Jerusalem. Delegates will make decisions regarding the allocation of nearly $1 billion annually.

Visit to learn more and vote.

The 15 slates running are:

  • Eretz Hakodesh: Protecting the Kedusha and Mesorah of Eretz Yisrael
  • Vote Reform: ARZA Representing the Reform Movement and Reconstructing Judaism
  • Israel Shelanu (Our Israel)
  • Orthodox Israel Coalition – Mizrachi: Vote Torah
  • Vision: Empowering the Next Generation
  • MERCAZ USA: The Voice of Conservative/Masorti Judaism
  • Dorshei Torah V’Tziyon: Torah and Israel for All
  • Hatikvah: Progressive Israel Slate
  • Ohavei Zion: World Sephardic Zionist Organization
  • Herut Zionists: The Jabotinsky Movement
  • ZOA Coalition: Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), Torah from Sinai, Make Israel Great (MIG) & National Pro-Israel Partners – Courageously Defending Israel, Sovereignty & the Jewish People
  • American Forum for Israel
  • Americans4Israel: Unity, Peace & Security
  • Kol Yisrael: For the Love of Israel: Making Zionism Compelling in the 21stCentury
  • Shas Olami 

Registration and voting will remain open until March 11, 2020. The fee to register and vote is $7.50, or $5 for those 18-25, which goes to cover the administrative costs of the election, according to the American Zionist Movement.