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In theater: Hasidic man’s role in death

“Fires in the Mirror,” a play about a Hasidic man’s role in the death of a black child, runs though Oct. 13 at the Milwaukee Chamber Theater.

In the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn in August of 1991, a Hasidic man’s car jumped a curb, killing a 7-year-old black child. Later, a Hasidic rabbinical student was stabbed and killed in what appeared to be an act of retaliation. Neither side felt like they got justice.

This play shows the racial tensions between the Jewish and black communities within the Brooklyn area and is based on the true events of the Crown Heights Riot.

“Fires in the Mirror” is written by Anna Deavere Smith and directed by Marcella Kearns and C. Michael Wright. The stars of the play are Marti Gobel and Elyse Edelman. The show runs through Oct. 13, 2019.

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