Saber is organizing Poland trip — want to go? | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Saber is organizing Poland trip — want to go?


Local Jewish educator Jennifer Saber is organizing an educational Poland experience for adults, set to include a trip to Europe and local study sessions.

Her “Poland Journey for Adults” with the Ramah Israel Institute is slated for July 22-28, 2019. The Ramah Israel Institute helps plan educational trips to Israel and is affiliated with the Conservative movement, though the trip is open to the whole community.

Jennifer Saber attended the annual Jewish Educators Assembly Conference earlier this year.

The trip is to trace historic Jewish communities in Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow and more. Participants will enhance their understanding of the enormity of the Shoah, while exploring first-hand the remnants – and in some cases the revival – of the Jewish communities in Poland.

Trip participants may join four monthly study sessions April through July, to enhance the trip experience. A reflective session will follow the trip. Facilitators will be Betsalel Steinhart, director of Ramah Israel Institute; Dr. Shay Pilnik, executive director of The Nathan and Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center; and Jennifer Saber, Milwaukee Jewish educator.

A question-and-answer meeting has been scheduled with Steinhart for Sunday, April 7, 1:15pm. RSVP to Saber at or 617-240-4137. The location will be provided. Or contact Saber for more information about the trip and study sessions.

The cost is $2,358 (per person in double occupancy) plus flight, with six nights at first-class hotels, three kosher meals a day, led by a Ramah tour educator and a local Polish guide.