Campaign chair inspired by Youth Futures | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Campaign chair inspired by Youth Futures

Lauri Roth

“I will never forget our visit to Youth Futures in the summer of 2017. I couldn’t stop crying, hearing the administrator talk about the needs of the Bedouin children and the enormous need for resources for all children in this area.

“The social worker who was Muslim said when she went into some homes, she could only smell dirt … absent was the smell of food. Children came home to empty plates … If not for the program, they would have no food. I am tearing up thinking about what we heard. A message I took away is that for many of us in America, we think the education system in Israel is outstanding because of all the technology that comes out of Israel and all the brain power.  The reality is there is so many needs that are not met. Children are suffering and need education and services. Parents too need support and education. It does not take a whole lot to make a big difference in a family’s life. It does take a meaningful gift.

“I know when I go to visit these agencies we support, it is a totally emotional experience.”

– Lauri Roth, Milwaukee Jewish Federation 2018 Annual Campaign chair