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Jewish Community Relations Council statement on Jerusalem

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Milwaukee Jewish Federation issued the following statement on Friday:

“Since 1949, when Israel established its capital in those parts of West Jerusalem under its sovereignty, nations of the world have refused to recognize it. This refusal has singled out Israel amongst all nations, denying Israel the right that every other sovereign nation has to determine the location of its own capital within its sovereign territory. The Israeli government, its parliament, courts, and prime minister, have been located in Jerusalem since just after the birth of the State. Claims that there is no Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the refusal to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people negate 3,000 years of history. This deserves correcting.

“Many in our Jewish community are deeply concerned that Wednesday’s announcement will make it harder to achieve the goal of peace, and further divide Israelis and Palestinians. There is a sense that the potential for bilateral negotiations can only be aided by the Administration reminding all parties of their commitments to achieve a two-state solution.

“The path to peace is challenging. We have no crystal ball that tells us which steps complicate or smooth the way forward.

“The Jewish community is made up of nearly 25,000 diverse people in Milwaukee. While there is great variety of views regarding tactics and strategies to achieve a lasting and just peace, there is overwhelming consensus for a two-state solution and for the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the democratic and Jewish state.

“The Jewish community is committed to working with our partners to become more educated, more understanding, and more compassionate of each other, our authentic narratives, histories, sensitivities, and values. While we care deeply about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we are committed to not acting out the conflict here at home in Milwaukee.”

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About the Jewish Community Relations Council

“Founded in 1938, the Jewish Community Relations Council, a program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, advocates for the rights and values of Jews individually and collectively, here and abroad. The Council implements a coordinated program of education, action, and advocacy for the Jewish community. For more than 100 years, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation has been dedicated to building a strong Jewish community. It distributed $18.5 million last year to Jewish and non-Jewish organizations locally and around the world, and manages philanthropy through its $178 million Jewish Community Foundation.”