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How to get organized for back-to-school


A wonderful aspect to the Jewish calendar is that we have several new years!  We get lots of chances to begin again. Back to school always represents new beginnings, new chances and change. How do we organize and prepare our families for that?

Here are some practical tips.

Back to school clothes

Whether your child wears a school uniform or not, wardrobes and shoes must be assessed and updated. Whew, the kids grew so much the last year! Does it still fit? Is it stained? Did you forget that those pants had a hole in the knee? School shoes and sneakers take the place of sandals and flip flops.

Deborah Ordan

The last few weeks in August are a great time to plan some time with each of your kids individually and play the “yay or nay” game together. Quality time spent together going through each article of clothing and identifying what needs to be tossed, donated and replaced.  “Yay” for keepers, “Nay” for not.  It’s always more fun when done together. And the kids feel a part of the process and learn some organizing tips early!

School supplies

Let’s talk school supplies. Now you may have your list from your school. I keep a bag of school supplies throughout the year that we always check first to replenish what the child needs. It has the basics: pencils, pens, filler paper, rulers, index cards, erasers etc. Spending time shopping for a few personal supplies allows the kids to buy special something that helps them look forward to going back to school.

Fall schedule

Do you need to reassess your own upcoming fall schedule? Different start and end times as the children change grades will affect morning routines and evening routines. Afterschool activities may necessitate a change in dinner times. Before the school year begins is the best time to grab an iced coffee, enjoy the last few days of summer and plan for your family’s fall schedule. Enjoy autumn!

Deborah Ordan, “Your Organizing Angel,” is a personal organizer in the metro Milwaukee area, specializing in decluttering homes for real estate listings, organizing families and bill paying services.