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Births, May 2017


Micah Hayden Fishman

Micah Hayden Fishman was born Feb. 25.

The parents are Bryana and Seth Fishman of Chicago.

The maternal grandparents are Machelle and Bob Schnoll of Bayside. The paternal grandparents Derry and Steve Fishman are of Aventura, Florida.

Great-grandmother Jackie Hammes lives in Glendale

Named in memory of paternal great grandparents Herman and Shirley Fishman.

Leven Sasha Hildebrand

Leven Sasha Hildebrand was born March 23, 2017.

The parents are Raphaele and Josh Hildebrand of Chicago. Maternal grandparents Machelle and Bob Schnoll are of Bayside.

Paternal grandparents Judy and Ed Hildebrand are of Alexandria,Virginia

Great-grandmother Jackie Hammes is in Glendale.

Named in memory of maternal great grandfather Louie Hammes and paternal great grandparents Sally & Shel Schnoll.