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Holocaust survivor on WISN 12 on Sunday

MILWAUKEE – Michael Bornstein will discuss his book, “Survivors Club,” in his first national interview on “Matter of Fact,” airing Sunday, March 5 at 10:30 a.m. on WISN 12 Milwaukee.

In 1945, 4-year-old Michael Bornstein was filmed by Soviet soldiers as he was carried out of Auschwitz in his grandmother’s arms. The footage, and resulting still photos, have been oft-reproduced, according to a news release.

Hearst Television's "Matter of Fact" anchor Soledad O'Brien. Photo: Jay Mallin

Hearst Television’s “Matter of Fact” anchor Soledad O’Brien. Photo by Jay Mallin

Bornstein, who has dealt privately with his history-making status, now steps forward to tell his story to journalist and producer Soledad O’Brien for her weekend political magazine program, “Matter of Fact.”

Over the decades, Bornstein, a New York resident, spotted his 4-year old self on book covers, museum walls and in annual TV news footage noting Holocaust Remembrance Day. Yet he demurred to step forward to identity himself because there was so much he could not remember.

“Matter of Fact,” produced by Hearst Television and distributed by Sony Pictures Television, airs on 119 TV stations reaching more than 80 percent of the country.