Seven tips for personal safety | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Seven tips for personal safety


MILWAUKEE – Ari Friedman issued a list of seven tips for increased awareness and personal safety.

“There has been an increase in security concerns,” said Friedman, Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s director of security and community properties.

“Just in the past few weeks we have heard in the news about a mass shooting at an airport, a terror attack against Israeli soldiers and bomb threats to JCCs elsewhere in the United States and overseas,” he added.

Friedman urges people to stay vigilant at all times and in all places. His seven tips:

  1. Have a 360 degree mindset. Threats don’t always come from the front or back. Pay attention to everything around you – up, down and all around.
  2. Walk with confidence and a purpose. Make eye contact with everyone in your line of sight whenever possible and certainly when you feel there may be a threat or you may be vulnerable.
  3. When you are going somewhere let someone know your schedule and where you are going.
  4. Carry a charged phone, but avoid using it when on the move.
  5. If you are faced with an attacker, whether it’s a robber or someone intending on doing bodily harm, remember the following. First: If they are attempting to rob you don’t fight for your money or belongings. It just isn’t worth your life. Throw what they want one way and run the other. Second: If they seek to cause you bodily harm, defend yourself aggressively and with purpose. Attack the groin, eyes, thumb or pinky.
  6. Look inside your vehicle each time prior to getting in.
  7. Most importantly, always trust your instincts. If you see something, say something.