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May 16th, 2003

New Hillel group honored at UW
Kavanah: A Progressive Jewish Voice, a new student organization at Hillel Foundation University of Wisconsin Inc., was recognized for its work on campus and in the community by the Dean of Students Advisory Board.

Kavanah received the Fostering Student Interaction Award on April 28, which included a $1,000 cash award. It is given to provide incentive for student groups to work across diverse communities.

Kavanah was cited for its efforts to “create coalitions and opportunities for students to broaden their perspectives and to learn together,” according to Yvonne Fangmeyer, director of UW-Madison’s Student Organization Office.

It was formed this year to offer a Jewish place to Jewish students who, according to the mission statement, “are committed to Israel, and feel that (this) commitment obligates (them) to speak out regarding the Israeli government’s policies, whether in praise or condemnation of these policies.”

Among its programs was a Jewish-Muslim exchange.