Letter: Opinion on gay marriage not based on research

   With all due respect to the many points that Rabbi Yonason Goldson made in his part of the “Two Views” discussion in the August Chronicle on the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the right of gay marriage, two of those points are not confirmed by scientific research.

   He wrote that the decision “wasn’t a step forward for children, who benefit psychologically and developmentally from growing up in the nurturing environment of one male and one female parent.”

   All the research, and there is much, on children raised by same sex parents indicates that they do just as well psychologically and developmentally as those with heterosexual parents.

   Goldson wrote, “Back before the acceptance of all behaviors as ‘lifestyle choices’…”

   Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice. Modern scientific research has proven that it is as biologically predetermined as heterosexuality or bisexuality. It cannot be changed by choice or attempts at conversion psychotherapy.

   I am a psychiatrist. As far as the psychological well-being and dignity of those involved in homosexual relationships, I professionally and personally applaud the Supreme Court’s decision.

H. Steven Moffic, M.D.