Letter: Which party is really looking out for Israel?

          As I was growing up, I knew my parents were Democrats but didn’t think much about it. I assumed that if they voted that way, it must be the right decision and I voted the same way. I knew the thought was that Democrats were better to Israel than Republicans were.

          Ten years later I married a Republican, but didn’t think much about it. As when I was young, however he voted, I voted.

          Then in the last 10 years I started paying attention to what was going on and was going to make my own choice based on what I believed.

          I didn’t vote for President Obama but I hoped he would do what he said he would. I have learned the hard way that politics is a dirty business and not for the weak.

          I know there are good and bad people on both sides. I started to listen to what they had to say, to understand how government worked (or didn’t) and to believe in the values of Republicans.

          When I would tell another Jewish person I was a Republican, I felt like I broke one of the Ten Commandments. When I would ask why Jews were (for the most part) Democrats, the only thing I could figure out was that supposedly they were good for Israel and the Republicans were not.

          Given what I have witnessed in the past six years of Obama’s administration, I believe the U.S. relationship with Israel has never been so bad. I feel Obama has abandoned the Jewish people and I don’t understand why most Jews still feel that Democrats are looking out for Israel.

          I could go on and on, but if the reason you vote Democratic is because of Israel, think again.

Barbe Kastrul DeSmet