Birth Announcements for December 2014

Eden Sabrina Brandes

          A daughter, Eden Sabrina, Hebrew name Tova, was born on Aug. 16 to Margo Berger Brandes and Dr. Steven Benjamin Brandes of St. Louis.

          The maternal grandparents are Vicki and Joseph Berger of Bayside. Betty Brandes of Chicago and Louis Brandes of Nyack, N.Y., are the paternal grandparents.

          The baby is named in memory of her maternal great-grandmother, Trude Owens, and her paternal great-grandmothers Sonia Hirsch and Shoshana Brandes.


Samson Orion Eisendrath

          A son, Samson Orion, Hebrew name Shimshon ben Adam v’Fraidel, was born on Oct. 26 to Faina and Adam Louis Eisendrath of San Francisco.

          The paternal grandparents are Debra Hansher Eisendrath and Stuart James Eisendrath of San Francisco, formerly of Milwaukee.

          The baby is named in memory of his paternal uncle, Stephen Aaron Eisendrath.


Gili Rachel Karnei R’em

          A daughter, Gili Rachel, was born Nov. 9 to Aliza Safer Karnei R’em and Doron Karnei R’em of Ma’aleh Adumim, Israel. She is the sister of Adi Tzion, 3.

          The maternal grandparents are Penina and Hershel Safer of Rehovot, Israel. Dassi Karnei R’em and Ruby Re’em of Efrat in the Israel-administered West Bank are the paternal grandparents.

          The maternal great-grandparents are Rena and Fred Safer of Glendale.