Letter: Is writer aware of P.A. demands?

          Michael Cohn in his letter in the October Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle insists that it is in Israel’s best interest to “support the creation of a viable Palestinian state.”

          The Palestinian Authority leaders require that to achieve such viability, Jews must be expelled from the state. This demand is often omitted from media reports of any negotiations, so perhaps Cohn is unaware of it. (See USA Today, Sept. 18, 2011.)

          If, however, he is cognizant of it, then he is purporting that Israel agree to the establishment of the most anti-Semitic state since the Nazis.

          Is the creation of such an entity, and what it would imply if “free of Jews,” really an advantageous means of determining “the relationship [of Israel] with the rest of the world?”

          It would seem quite the opposite, being an act of ethnic cleansing and anti-Jewish discrimination. Are those what any friend to Israel would wish for?

Nancy Weiss-McQuide