Birth Announcement for June 2014

   Moshe Aron Sectzer-Rubin

          A son, Moshe Aron, was born on March 13 to Jessica Sectzer-Rubin and Larry Rubin of Evanston, Ill. He is the brother of Zoe Belle Rubin, 2.

          The maternal grandparents are Helen and Jose Sectzer of Mequon. Irene and Stephen Rubin of Framingham, Mass., are the paternal grandparents.

          The maternal great-grandmother is Sala Mydlak of Mequon. Felisa Grant of Manitoba, Canada, is the paternal great-grandmother.

          The baby is named in memory of his maternal great-grandfather, Aron Mydlak; Aron’s brother Yosef Moshe Mydlak; and his maternal great-grandmother’s brother Moshe Fromer.