Ramadan at UW Hillel

My favorite part of Ramadan was breaking my fasts at the new Barbara Hochberg Center for Jewish Student Life with my closest friends and with everyone else who came to support us.

Sitting down with people who had either fasted with me or were interested in learning what fasting was and why we fasted was a great opportunity for us all to come together and learn about each other. Meeting new people that share similar interests and eating great food has turned iftar (fast-breaking) at UW-Hillel the highlight of my school year so far.

Finally, the different presentations that were put on by different organizations everyday ensured that there were new people to meet every time and something new to learn at every iftar.

As a Muslim student leader, I really enjoyed my fast-breaking experiences at UW Hillel. While the iftars certainly were not easy to execute, they were definitely worth the work.

Seeing people from all different backgrounds and walks of life dining together and getting to know one another created an environment that I only wish could have lasted longer and could have spread further. I am really glad that we were able to collaborate with UW-Hillel.

And, judging by the success of these iftars, I think it is safe to say that the end of Ramadan will bring a new beginning to a strong, mutual relationship between the UW Muslim Students Association and the Jewish student community at UW Hillel.

A senior from Chicago, Akbar Yukub is public relations officer of the UW-Muslim Student Association (MSA).